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  • Modular process based system compatible with BPMN
  • Dashboard & realtime monitoring features
  • Notification features
  • Reporting features
  • Active Organization chart
  • Calendar for recourses
  • Audti trail
  • Multilanguage
  • API for communication with other systems

Implementation procedure:

  • Consulting  (process mapping, creating current state and future state)
  • Customization  (process modeling and process automation)
  • Implementation & education
  • Service & Support

The Production tracking module in mpSystem is connected to the existing ERP system and is tracking single operations in manufacturing and assembly process: PRODUCTION PROCESS 1 - By connecting the system to the existing ERP system we achieve a maximum level of automation. 2 - Tracking operations means:
  • Tracking the start and finish of operation edited by Production staff
  • Tracking products technical parameters edited by Production or Quality staff
  • Tracking operation durations and exact working hours of workers
  • SCADA system to communicate with machines in both ways (sending & receiving data)
  • Tracking issues and issue are solved by issue solving process
3 - Real time monitoring and notification means:
  • Captured data in analyzed and presented in dashboards or KPI
  • Notification engine is used to notify specific individuals if predefined data of duration, quality or other measured elements is out of barriers
4 - Reporting means:
  • Creating custom single work order or operation reports
  • Creating custom process reports
  • Creating custom staff reports
  • Creating custom reports for manufactured item & material
  • Creating custom work-centers reports
  • Creating electronic production documentation in PDF and signed with digital signature
5 - Post calculation data is the captured data that can be sent to post-calculation processes that are being executed in ERP or manually.  


Basic features:
  • Installation of specific “Operators consoles” that enable Production staff to edit data
  • Designing technological procedures
  • Launching tool
  • Registering operator on Operation console
  • Adapted retrieval of work orders
  • Tracking execution of tasks / operations (ready, running, hold, finished)
  • Editing quality data
  • Editing input-output
  • ISSUE solving process
  • SCADA system to communicate with machines in both ways (sending & receiving data)
The implementation procedure and exact features vary from company to company based on:
  • Production type: Large-scale production, small batch production, individual production
  • Type of core production process: Manufacturing processes, assembly processes
  • Industry type: automotive industry, paper industry, metal processing industry, plastics
  • Standards under which production is run
  • Organization chart and organization of product process from order to shipment
The solution is compatible with ISO, LEAN, TPM.
The Business process module in mpSystem is a standalone system that supports business processes in the company. Covered are:
  • core process (production)
  • supported processes (sales, purchase, R&D, Logistic )
  • management processes
  • B2B processes.
The first step is to model a process in a BPMN diagram (Business process model notation). The Business process module in mpSystem has the following features:
  • Process dashboard
  • Main task window with custom designed data fields
  • Management of Tasks & subtasks
  • Process execution history
  • Dependencies of tasks between processes and sub-processes
  • My task list with task status
  • Mailing for notification
  • Files and attachments
  • Comments
  • API for connection to ERP or other IT system
DMS Module The DMS module in mpSystem is a standalone system that supports and improves work with documents in general. The DMS module in mpSystem has the following features:
  • Sending documents (archive, processes, storage)
  • Assigning the document to users
  • Approving documents
  • Signing documents
  • Managing Document versions
  • Document capturing
  • Document scanning
  • Capturing documents meta data
  • Capturing barcodes
  • Capturing content (OCR)
  • Data base of incoming mail
  • Crating documents
  • Generating Barcodes
  • Creating envelopes
  • Data base of outgoing mail
















Distributing, Maintenance & Service 


Distributing, Maintenance & Service 


Eocen helps costumers to improve their business through advanced management solutions. By using our various solutions costumers take care that the common and specific processes in the companies are running as planned. To this add a high level of automation which enables higher efficiency and accuracy. If a single job or operation, that is covered by our solutions runs out of planned barriers, predefined measures are being started in real time to limit the losses. During process execution single jobs are tracked, data is captured and KPIs are calculated so the middle and top management gets detailed view in actual state and can take necessary actions based on given facts.

That is why our solutions fit best to companies that are looking for optimization or are in the phase of expansion or re-organization. In today s conditions every company who wants to survive and make good profits needs optimization and automation. And that is what we are doing. It is our business and mission to help good companies to get better.

In order to be successful we must understand the customers problems, even before they themselves become aware of them. And when we come in contact we need to provide fast and easy solutions. To deliver the right solution for the right costumer, sometimes specific adjustments must be done. That is why I must stress out our skillful team of experts and experienced management who understand the market needs and is capable to implement our solutions fast and dynamically. This is our added value.

Yours sincerely

Samo Sagadinj


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